Ready to drop the weight and lift off?

Rising from the ashes, is about letting go of the old parts of yourself, and being reborn to something you might not even know was possible.

Start with the self-paced mini-course delivered to your inbox in 5 days, or plan a free insight call directly to discuss first wins for your situation (no strings attached). When you are truly commited to your full transformation, let's chat about joining a group mastermind or working privately for the most personalized results for you.

Disarming: a modern kind of power woman

5 day mini-course (15 minutes a day)

After this course you will:

- have insight in the two types of power (old and new paradigm)

- gain understanding how to shift from the old kind of power to the new kind of power - have clarity on how to lead from the present moment

- understand how to start relying on your inner authority

- feel more confidence and trust in yourself which allows you to experience more freedom and strength

- increase your awareness on the relation between health and leadership

- be able to apply the new awareness in your personal and professional leadership

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