I specialize in the challenges that high-achieving women are facing. Combining different roles and expectations, while at the same time in pursuit of their ambitions. Often, in leadership positions, and frequently, in masculine environments. Operating in the collective field where the belief systems from the past are no longer in line with their current desires, and capabilities.

Besides most modern tools in personal transformation (a number of certifications in coaching, healing and energy work) I apply my 10+ years experience in corporate (among other, change and transformation projects). I have lived in 5 countries, completing a fromal education with degrees in BSc Economics and Business Administration and MSc International Business. Having started two businesses.

I first transformed my own life to now help others come back to their own true essence, full potential. To unlock an easier, faster way to achieve the beyond and above results while at the same time making it feel more fullfilling and easy. With more freedom, peace and inner strength. All the life lessons and corporate experience has taught me, that we change, transform, heal the world best by starting with ourselves.

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